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Passionate About Helping Women Lead Happier and More Fulfilling Lives

I had been a people-pleaser for as long as I could remember, and for a long time, I honestly did not think too much about it. After becoming a mom, however, I noticed that it became overwhelmingly harder to try to make everyone happy. I couldn't keep up with the ideal mom images and the not-so-subtle "you should" at every turn. I was repeatedly advised to enjoy each moment, but I felt like I was barely surviving, let alone enjoying. I could not squeeze anything more onto my seemingly unending to-do lists, yet I still felt guilty all the time. The harder I kept trying to live up to this standard that I believed the world wanted from me, the worse I felt. 


After getting Shingles at only 34 years old, I took a much-needed pause for some self-reflection. I suddenly realized that the reason I felt unhappy and overwhelmed was because I was chasing after other people's goals and ideals. It was then that I gave myself permission to think about me for once. What makes ME happy? What do I want? Now the only standard I hold myself to is being authentically me- as a mom, in my relationships, in my work, everywhere. By giving up the image of what I thought was expected of me and experiencing life as my truest self, I was able to create ultimate joy and freedom in my life.


Maybe you are grappling with feeling overwhelmed or you feel that you don’t have enough time to fit yourself in. Whatever your unique situation might be, I’m here to help you uncover your most authentic self again so you can experience more enjoyment in all aspects of your life.  

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)

  • Reiki I Practitioner

  • Executive Manager, Scout & Cellar clean-crafted wine

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