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April 30th, 2021


Back in the Fall of 2020, I quit my part-time corporate job. 

If you lost your job, had to close up shop, or felt forced to quit your job to be at home with your family as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is NO SHAME. 

I felt weak that I couldn’t successfully keep it all together...

But I now realize that it took strength to recognize that I needed help, strength to take those steps to put the needs of my family first, strength and courage to put my mental health and wellness first. 

*Side plug- Everyone is dealing with something. Be kind. Encourage. Support.*

I went to my doctor so that I could finally get my anxiety under control, and together with my husband, we made the decision that the best thing for me and our family was to quit my part-time corporate job for awhile. We figured this would be a good plan for 2 years- until my youngest can go to preschool for even a few hours per week. 

While life was certainly easier after I made the decision to quit, there was a part of me that definitely missed contributing financially, missed not giving of myself outside of my family.

Earlier this year, a friend of mine introduced me to clean-crafted wine. I had never heard of clean-crafted but since I enjoy wine and I love supporting my friends, I bought some.

Not only was this wine delicious but I felt good drinking it and felt great the next day too. As a mom of 3, my youngest only 18 months old, I cannot afford to not feel well after having wine the night before. 

So I looked into this clean-crafted wine biz for myself, hopped on board, and haven’t looked back. 

This side hustle is filling not only a gap in income that came as a result of putting my mental health and wellness first but also allows me to continue to be something in addition to my Mom title.
I have never not worked, and there simply was something about this opportunity that was calling to me. Now my goal is to earn enough in 2 years so that I don’t have to go back to my corporate job. It will be my choice if I do.

You might be asking, but you quit your job and now are filling your time doing this? 
I’m putting in maybe 10% of the time I was putting in at my corporate job, and on average, I’m making 50% of what I was making part-time at my corporate job. 
*Financial earnings are due to individual effort and not guaranteed.

And you guys, it’s SO much fun!! Getting to drink wine, share the clean-crafted movement with others, and help coach my team to achieve their personal goals?! Yes!! 

If you love wine, are already buying wine, or anything I shared resonated with you and you are interested in learning more about clean-crafted wine or the biz opportunity, reach out to me or click the button at the top of the page! xo!

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