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“I will always be eternally grateful for Therese. The loving and compassionate coaching support she provided literally saved me from myself. I couldn’t have ever started to live my life again without her!” ~J.S.

From Vision Board Workshops participants:


"This workshop was more than just making a vision board. It gave me a better perspective on what I really want out of life. I can't wait to hang my vision board in my office!" ~Ada Z.

"Therese is such a positive influence and role model. She has passion for what she does and it really showed in her workshop. I am leaving the workshop wanting to do more for my true self." ~JLC


"I feel like I've solidified what I want and things are clearer, not just thoughts in my mind. It's really renewed a new energy in me." ~Nicole H.

"Therese took vision boards to an altogether different level. This was above and beyond my expectations.  I got so much out of this workshop- thank you! " ~Lauren

"Very motivating. I feel better already!" ~Emilee J. 

"Therese, you are simply a delight! I love your enthusiasm and can't wait for more workshops!" ~N.L.

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